About Philadelphia Health Corps

The Philadelphia Health Corps (PHC) is a program of the National Health Corps AmeriCorps program.  The program was established in 1994 with the mission to reduce disparities in access to care, provide health education and information, and provide important skills and experience to those considering careers in health.  The PHC is administered by the Health Federation of Philadelphia, an organization that provides support, guidance, and technical assistance to health care and social service providers, to ensure that our most underserved and vulnerable populations have access to quality health care.

Philadelphia is home to some of the top health care facilities in the country, yet many disparities exist in access to care and the quality of health care for some communities and populations.  To address this problem, the Philadelphia Health Corps places members at community-based organizations in Philadelphia that work to improve access to care and to help individuals and communities become healthier.  Our members do this by providing health outreach in communities, health education workshops, health screenings, social services, case management, benefits assistance, and patient advocacy.  Our members also participate in team meetings and trainings, service projects, member committees, and an annual retreat to help them build an esprit de corps and create friendships that last a lifetime.  The expectation is that through their year of service, our members will be given an opportunity to significantly improve the health of those they serve and to have a fulfilling and rewarding experience that exposes them to a variety of health care careers and settings.

Please contact Lisa Wallace, Program Director, for more information.


(215) 567-8001 x 3045 (phone)

(215) 567-7743 (fax)


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