A Visit from Our Funder CNCS

This past Wednesday, December 12th the Philadelphia  Health Corps (PHC) played host to visitors from the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS).  CNCS Chief Operating Officer Robert Velasco, Chief Financial Officer David Rebich, Deputy Chief Financial Officer Rocco Gaudio, and Bernard Brown, State Program Director for CNCS’ PA office toured District Health Center #2 in South Philadelphia.  This was a great opportunity for the PHC to highlight its successful partnership with the 8 Ambulatory Health Centers run by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health – a major safe net health care provider for uninsured and underinsured Philadelphians.  PHC members Jean Lee, Chase Kwon and Maraia Bonsignore spoke about their desire to give back to communities through service and their efforts to help enroll uninsured Philadelphians in health insurance and free medication programs.  Dr. Tom Storey, Director of Ambulatory Health Services remarked that the 18 PHC members serving at health centers have not only helped save the city millions of dollars each year on medications for the uninsured, but they have actually expanded patient access to medications that are critical to treating chronic disease.  The PHC also highlighted the service of members at other host sites, including members who are providing nutrition and fitness education to youth, coordinating health care for newly arriving refugees and offering case management services to families in Philadelphia.

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