Meet our Members!

Name: Sarah McIntyre
Position: Patient Assistance Program Advocate
Hometown: Nashville, TN
College: Johns Hopkins University
Why did you join PHC? I joined PHC to witness, first-hand, the barriers to access to health care, and to learn how to overcome them.
What are your future plans? I’m interested in global public health, and thus plan to pursue an MD/MPH…and change the world!
What is one thing you would change about health care? The health care system in our country is convoluted. I don’t think someone should need an advanced degree to be able to navigate it. Though good health is a gift, good health care shouldn’t be a commodity. Shifting how we think about health care on a fundamental level is the first step to drastic improvement.

Because we all want to know…
Patient population that you’re newly exposed to/learning more about? 
The African-American Muslim population. Before PHC, I had never spoken to a woman in a full Burka. This is a common occurrence at Health Center 10. I absolutely love how culturally diverse our patient population is.
Favorite place in the city? That’s a toss up. Rittenhouse Square or the art museum.
Favorite SEPTA experience? One day the MFL ran an express route from 2nd Street to Frankford. Best morning commute ever. I’m still not sure it wasn’t a dream.
Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Katie Holmes

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