Meet our Members!

Name: Kathryn Green
Position: Patient Assistance Program Liaison
Hometown: Colonial Heights, VA
College: University of Virginia
Why did you join PHC? To help promote access to care for the underserved and to gain experience in the health field.
What are your future plans? I will be attending graduate school to obtain a Master’s in Health Administration.
What is one thing you would change about health care? I hope that one day, affordable, quality health care would be available to everyone.

Because we all want to know…

Typical packed lunch? Anything from a protein bar and apple, to whatever Emily and I can find in Rite-Aid, to a salad.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? An orange and blue swirl because I constantly annoy my roommates by talking about UVa.
What is the strangest food you have ever eaten? Escargot, not strange for most people, but for picky me…that was cray.
Funniest PHC memory? One day while I was serving at Health Center 6, I dropped a huge box of old patient folders while trying to take them down from the top of the refrigerator. To add to the embarrassment, there was a patient in the office. Oopsies. 

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