Meet our Members!

Name: Tess Thorman
Position: Health Education and Outreach Associate at 11th St. Family Health Services
Hometown: Fremont, CA
College: Oberlin College
Why did you join PHC? I joined PHC because I wanted to learn about community health models, and figure out if that’s a career path I’m interested in.
What is one thing you would change about health care? I wish health care would be preventative instead of treatment-based.

Because we all want to know…
Favorite thing about Philly? Roof decks! I’m currently planning one that has an edible garden, a trellis, a hammock, a built in seating area with a low table, a foot heater, and a hot tub with a glass side that faces the skyline.
Typical packed lunch? Last week, we got four heads of lettuce in our CSA, and since then I’ve been eating salad every day for lunch. I can’t even remember pre-salad life.
Favorite place in the city? My favorite street is the block of S Darien Street between Fitzwater and Bainbridge! It’s one of those little tiny streets—literally, no more than four feet from sidewalk to sidewalk—and everyone has plants in front of their doors. I like to cut through on my way to Center City, although it was almost awkward the time some residents were having a dinner party in the street, and I thought about trying to squeeze past.
Favorite SEPTA experience? I was waiting on Locust for the bus, for probably 20 minutes, when I saw it coming– and then I saw it turn right, instead of picking me up. A SEPTA worker in one of the white SUVs must have seen my sad, sad face, because he stopped to tell me the bus was detouring, and proceeded to drive me most of the way home. I’m pretty sure that will never happen again, but it was the nicest thing!

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