Meet our Members!

Name: Sandra Moise
Position: Refugee Health Associate
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
College: CUNY – Brooklyn College
Why did you join PHC? To be exposed to the public health field, to gain experience, to establish a solid network of professionals, and to meet awesome people like my fellow members!!
What are your future plans? Working using the experience I gained as a PHC member and heading to grad school.
What is one thing you would change about health care? Eliminate disparities that cause certain groups to be ineligible for free Medicaid when they should be AND change  health care from being a profitable business and extra complicated system to a system that is kinks free and transparent where everybody can have access to a doctor for important health complications (without having a monstrous bill waiting for them after) and basic things like a physical, vision, hearing, dentist, etc. Let’s look at other countries, I think we can take their systems as an example and formulate it to make it work for all Americans. Basic health care should not be a luxury for Americans…if everybody is required to pay local and state tax from their paychecks, how come they shouldn’t be required to pay a health care tax just so that everyone should have access to health care?

Because we all want to know…
Patient population that you’re newly exposed to/learning more about?
 Bhutanese refugees from Nepal, Karen and Chin refugees from Burma, Darfuri refugees from Sudan, Iraqi and Eritrean refugees
Typical packed lunch? Whatever I had for dinner: Rice and chicken? Pasta? Nigerian food? Whatever was leftover from a luncheon (usually Kosher) at work the day before!
Funniest PHC memory? Soha doing the “Soha dance” for the first time! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Favorite place in the city? Fairmount Park!! It’s better than Central Park!!!

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