Meet our Members!

Name: Cassie Campbell
Position: PAP Advocate
Hometown: Dauphin, PA
College: Albright College; biology
Why did you join PHC? I joined PHC because I had such an amazing experience in my last year of service with AmeriCorps NCCC but I wanted focus more on gaining experience and better knowledge of our health care system while working towards a career in public health. 

Because we all want to know…
Favorite SEPTA experience? A young man named Daniel sat down beside and within the 7 minute trolley ride he had taken my phone (and given it back), rubbed the top of my foot (twice) and gave me a noogie. It was creepy at the time but fun to laugh at now.
What is your favorite thing about Philly? My Favorite thing about Philadelphia is the skyline.
#1 most played song on your iPod? Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight by Amos Lee
What is something you learned in the last week? I’ve realized that I’m terrible with geography so in my down time at work I have been memorizing the countries of the African, European, and South American Continents. I plan to know the globe by next week!
Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Eva Mendes? Hah! I wish!

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