Member Meeting Fun

Once a month, the members of the Philadelphia Health Corps have a meeting facilitated by the members themselves. Here we get to participate in enriching trainings and discuss various program updates and information.  I think most members would agree that this is a day to look forward to. Not only is it a break from the “daily grind” but it also gives us a chance to spend time with other members besides the one we may be crammed in a little office with (No offense, Ben!). Friday’s meeting at  the Free Library of Philadelphia got off to a great start with “limbo-ing” into the meeting room that was decorated in a luau theme.  The meeting was kicked off with a presentation by Philly Stand Up. These speakers presented on the LGBTQ community and how to better serve them in a health care setting. After Committee updates (PR4Life <3) and a lunch break, we had a discussion with Monica from the Health Federation that began with talk about the “member slump” that we may fall into around this time of year. The tone of the discussion did a “180” when we did an exercise known as Laughing Yoga. Forced laughs quickly gave way to real, hearty laughs about absolutely nothing (I wish I had a clip of Susie to use as a visual aid here). This was definitely the afternoon-energizer we were all needing.  The rest of the afternoon also included a review of the Member Handbook that concluded in a heated game of Family Feud where we learned that it’s a challenge for even the most social members to remember all 28 of the members’ first and last names.

-Cassie Campbell, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

A picture of members Ben, myself, Ameri Buddy, and Zach after tossing around a rugby ball during a break.