Happy Patients = Happy Advocates

Wed 12.28.2011

       This experience is truly surpassing my expectations. Everyday is a different story. I am beginning to establish great rapport with some of the patients, which is an amazing perk that I never anticipated. After a few efforts to enroll one patient, her medication finally came in today. She gave me a high five as she walked through the door and continued to grace me with compliments in Spanish. After giving her the medicine, she held her heart and said something about love, again in Spanish. I didn’t quite understand what she said, but I am sure her words were touching. As she left, she gave me a huge hug. I realized how lucky I am to partake in this meaningful opportunity.

        Making patients happy is incredibly rewarding. Advocates are lucky enough to experience the direct positive impact of our efforts multiple times a day. Being a patient advocate is a personal job that brings you closer to those you serve. It grants you a window into people’s lives. You learn about their families, their living situations, their stories. This is an eye opening experience that allows you to see new areas of the community from a unique perspective.

      As a patient advocate, every ounce of effort contributes to a healthier community. We see the direct impact of our efforts through daily interactions with happy, gracious patients. This is an enriching experience laden with gratification, hard work, important responsibilities, and great learning opportunities.

-Kimberly Weller, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

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