Welcome to the Philadelphia Health Corps Blog!

We are so excited to launch this blog that will keep you updated on the recent activities and lives of Philadelphia Health Corps members! Each week, a different member will take charge of the blog and share his or her experiences. The blog posts will range from stories of life in Philadelphia to both the hardships and rewards of serving in various Philadelphia neighborhoods. Be sure to check back regularly to read the latest happenings and to stay up to date on the Philadelphia Health Corps!

Meet our 2011-2012 PHC Members:

Glamarys Acevedo
Cassie Campbell
Edinah Chikunguwo
Zach Coppola
Nadia Elkaddi
Robyn Foster
Will Frappaolo
Jordan Gladys
Kathryn Green
Paul Gwengi-Anam
Emily Jones
Josie Kabambi
Susie Kim
Reka Magge
Sarah McIntyre
Robert Modest
Sandra Moise
Soha Shah
Chaz Shelton
Laura Smith
Ben Starobin
Lisa Stepelevich
Stephen Supoyo
Tess Thorman
Kimmy Weller
Maryalice Wolfe
Stephen Yang
Sara Yoeun 

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